My Treatments

Nia classes POA

Bio resonance consultation ( up to 90 mins) £60

Access Bars ( up to 90 mins) £60

Numerology consultation ( inc a written report) £50

Reiki treatment £30

Aromatherapy consultation – Jan 2019

About Me

I’ve always been interested in doing things a little differently and I spent most of my early adulthood being told I and the things I was interested in were a bit weird. ( I say different things ….Aromatherapy and Astrology …..but back then they were not as accepted as they are now !!!!)

I trained as an aromatherapist at 26 and loved it. Life events took over and I chose to close my practice to obtain a steady income. I had boring job, after boring job to pay the bills but none of them made a difference and were spiritually barren.


8 years ago I reignited my passion for Astrology and I have since trained in several modalities… Numerology / Access Bars / Nia , and I have learnt these things can make a huge difference and when you understand yourself and the people around you better, things become easier and you become happier.

I don’t do things like many others , I cut through the mystery that surrounds some of these subjects and focus on bringing them back to earth. It has been said many times people are surprised about how “normal” I am. What I say back is ‘what is normal?’

My practice is based on living YOUR life, not somebody else’s version of it.

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